Last week, I turned 25. Three years ago to the day, I was sitting in a Starbucks in London (maybe using them for their WiFi and drinking the free refills on tea...) checking my email. I had applied to the University of Idaho prior to leaving to study abroad, and I checked my email several times every day to see if I was accepted. I'll never forget the moment that an email popped up from the admissions director. She congratulated me on my acceptance and informed me that I should wait for a formal acceptance letter to come in the mail.  At the time, my parents were in a time zone 7 hours away, and it was nearing 2:00AM in Boise. There was no way I could call them to tell them the news right away without completely disturbing their REM cycle. So I sent an email off to both my mom and dad asking them to figure out a time they could call me because I had some "VERY EXCITING NEWS!" I then proceeded to go drink a pint of cider with some professors and celebrated with some fish and chips. Needless to say, when I finally got in touch with my parents, they were just as ecstatic.  We never looked back.   Three years ago, I was accepted to the University of Idaho College of Law. Today, I'm sitting at a desk that will be mine for the next two years.  During Thanksgiving break, I accepted a clerkship position with Judge Southworth in the Third District. Because I was planning on doing a Semester in Practice (where you don't take any classes, but work for credit instead), when this position opened up, I jumped on it.  I wrote in my cover letter that I would be able to start as a full time clerk in January and would graduate in May; that I planned on taking the Bar in July and would hopefully be admitted in September. Thankfully, my judge loved the idea.  I had worked in the Third District before, and they were thankful to have a familiar face. I am so excited to start my new career as the Staff Attorney for the judge. I am even more excited that I never have to take a final exam again!   It's hard to believe that everything I've dreamed of is coming true. Since I was 14, I wanted to go to law school. When I started law school at 22, I knew that it would be important to get a clerkship right after graduating. I worked hard through law school, put a lot of things in my personal life on hold, and worked through a lot of personal struggles.  But it was all completely worth it. And now that I have accomplished these goals, I don't quite know what to plan for next. Maybe an associate at a law firm in town? Or maybe a general counsel position with Disney or NBC? These are the doors that are opening up for me. These are the things that I get to work toward now that I have a stellar education from the University of Idaho behind me.  If this is 25, I can't wait to see what 30 looks like.