Attending school at University of Idaho College of Law opens the door to far more than just classroom instruction. As a student you get frequent invitations to various continuing legal education (CLE) events as well as the opportunity to network with members of our legal community. One of the cool things about having two campuses, is that we have event opportunities all over the state.  
This past week I was able to attend a CLE on Federal Sentencing Guidelines that was presented by two United States Probation Officers and an attorney from the Federal Defenders of Boise. During the event, we received a crash course on how the federal sentencing guidelines work, what purpose they were created for, and the chance to work side-by-side with local members of the CJA panel on a sample case in which we determined what the sentencing guidelines would result in. Some of us were also the recipients of a copy of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Handbook. It was a great opportunity to network while gaining valuable knowledge.  
Although it might seem overwhelming at times to do much more than study and come to class, I highly recommend trying to attend events in the legal community. The connections you make, and the tips you pick up will be invaluable when you graduate and are a practicing member of the bar.