When my family and I moved to Moscow, for me to attend law school, I worried at the time that I would suffer a major disadvantage because many of the students were younger and did not have a family at home. What I didn’t realize was that attending law school with my family was actually an advantage because my family was there to support me through some of the more challenging times. Throughout my time at University of Idaho, I have realized that law school is really a series of milestones that one accomplishes. As professor Mark Anderson puts it “all law students must learn to crawl before they can learn to walk, as such they must learn to walk before they can run” The first semester is the first real mile stone, learning what it really means to juggle time between family and school and learning how to be a law student. Completion of the first year is the next major milestone, and a summer externship paired with the title of a 2L is the ultimate reward. As I have completed my first semester of the 2L year I have realized that the “law school” experience while very challenging has provided experiences that I could not have received anywhere else. These experienced have stretched me intellectually and emotionally in a way that has forced me to grow not only as a person but as a professional. Attending the University of Idaho provides the opportunity to meet great people in the legal profession and to see firsthand what a good lawyer looks like. Recently, upon returning from a trip to Washington on an airline I sat next to an attorney who I had met the first few days of orientation during my 1L year. As we talked about our experiences at University of Idaho I mentioned my Professional Responsibility course, which was taught my Don Burnett. He chuckled a little and commented that “most of us in the legal community have come up learning from Don Burnett”. At that point I realized that the University of Idaho was more than just a place to learn about contracts, torts and civil procedure. Instead it was a place to get plugged into the Idaho legal community and build relationships that range from close friendships to professional acquaintanceship'. This network of professionals, paired with an excellent legal education is what University of Idaho has to offer.