Law school is an interesting roller coaster. The pressure to study and do well gets tied in with outside obligations. Having a true balance of what is most important is key. Sometimes, we have family obligations but also have to prepare for class. What is more important? Going to class prepared is crucial! But, at the same time taking care of your home and family can be more crucial. If you don’t take care of your home, then your school work will suffer. There is an old saying “happy wife, happy life.” That saying transfers to law school, and probably the rest of your legal career directly. If you have a happy home, then you will be happy at school or work. For incoming 1ls, it is important to have all your financials and other family matters taken care of before school starts. Obviously we can’t plan for everything, but having the core taken care of is crucial. Also, it is ok to ask for help. If you are unable to complete all of your work, it is ok to ask for help. I know many professors will give you a “pass” if you ask for it. Basically, a few times this year I was unable to prepare for class. But instead of going to class and hoping not to get called on, I spoke with the professor and let them know ahead of time. This saves me the embarrassment of not being prepared, it also helps with the class flow for the professor. This is not something that should be taken advantage of, because professors will notice. But, life happens, and we can’t always be prepared. Finally, you should always go to class, I mean always. Even if you have not prepared. Missing class and not preparing hurts you twice. Just remember take everyday as it comes, and smile. Safa Riadh SBA President